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Link2concept expands from automotive to diverse sectors such as transportation, robotics, or electronics, and boasts a multidisciplinary team skilled in transforming sketches into detailed 3D models, for industrial and marketing needs. Embracing advanced technologies and AI, we innovate with smart, data-driven solutions to shape the future...

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What we do

#Create it

Ideas become reality when makers take the tools, shape raw materials, and connect electronics to augment a sensorial object with a virtual experience that generates emotions in and around us. Investors and partners will be enthusiastic to catch the next steps and move further towards the future.

#Reveal it 

When it comes to reality, narrative leads people’s imagination. Emotions inject striking designs into culture. Factories assemble visual brand assets to create an ephemeral, but memorable moment that social networks will enshrine in the internet for thousands or even millions of followers, to emulate and praise. We embrace Phygital projects to make magic happen.

Client cases top selection


Full scale model making including sophisticated lighting scenarios and CMF research. 4 months project starting from hand sketches.

BT-06 Bell&Ross

Concept Bike restomod, based on an INDIAN, Sacha Lakic's collaboration for the launch of an exclusive Marvel with BLACKTRACK brand.

Rocket ONE Eyelights

As part of our Riviera BORN program, we hosted Alan Derosier to shape the vision of EYELIGHTS through an up and running dream Concept Bike.

RENAULT Demotrucks

Based on an Electrification, exterior and interior truck RETROFIT. Robustness was key to manage the daily use of 3 units / OXYGEN project


ED2 TOYOTA advanced design team support for CAD, engineering and manufacturing job. Paint Research and lighting effects scenarios.

Platypus Swordfish

Semi submersive boat, luxury version of an existing Platypus craft prototype. #Imagine it

Seamagine oneoff submarine n°6

Since 2018 Design, engineering and manufacturing of interior and exterior one-off "Yacht toy" submarine. #Imagine it, #Build it & #Reveal it”

Next GEN AI-cockpit demonstrator

Design exploration on next generation cockpit HMI involving generative AI scenario. Partnership with INCARI and Dynaudio to enable immersive cockpit experience. #Improve it

Taur Autonomous Logistics

Brand and identity Design, Market Strategy + full range Design with final customer customisation. Driving assistance integration for prototyping. #Imagine it

D12 Delage hypercar

Architecture, engineering system development. Body parts and Electronic prototyping. CMF and materials update  #Build it #Improve it #Reveal it

MC CLIC EVtol small series / MC-1

Evtol Design, Engineering and Manufacturing. First official MONACO evtol. #Imagine it #Build it #Improve it & #Reveal it

E-Dashboard demonstrator

Designed and built to demonstrate INCARI technology possibilities worldwide... in its flight case!. #Imagine it #Build it #Improve it

Lexus LF-30

Class A CAD files and concept car engineering. CMF studies and UI prototyping. #Built it and #Reveal it”

Renault X TheArsenale

Iconic flying car Design, Engineering and Manufacturing. This prototype initiates a local innovation Label : "Riviera BORN"

Toyota Aygo Xprologue

From designer intent to class A CAS files and physical mockup + 3D commercial shots #Built it  #Reveal it”


Logo FU


Create strong product differentiation by Design

Reenchanting customer experience.

Defining a Winning strategy to enter new relevant markets

Turn a powerful & complex technology into an accessible, easy & useful solution


R5lements @Geneva

Upon Riviera BORN, Patrice Meignan involved 5 French mobility startups in the Renault 5 launch in GENEVA. Factory Unit restored and adapted a specific identity with a custom color and finishes on all the products.

Featured on best Mag

Article published on Moto Heroes Mag about the last BlackTrack creation in collaboration with Bell&Ross, engineered and built under Sacha Lakic's Design Direction / Riviera BORN program

Viva Technologie 2024

Collaboration with Sophia Antipolis ecosystem hosted in REGION SUD booth in Paris. Mehari Club Cassis + Incari Labs to envision Mobile companion enabled by AI.

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